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Search Engines - How are they used?

Search Engines have gotten a lot more sophisticated and a lot better at returning relevant search results for the end user. But how do users search? Seems like a silly question, until you realize that getting good traffic to your website from the search engines requires you to know what search words (called keyword phrases) that people use.


Search Engine Optimization - What is it?

Search engine optimization (or SEO), is “the practice of designing web pages so that they rank as high as possible in the organic (not paid) search results from search engines” . Well, that's the simple answer, there's obviously more going on behind the search engine optimization “green curtain”.


Edit Your Website in 2 Minutes!

Watch this video and see how easily you could edit and update your website using the content management system that Usable Web Solutions provides. This video shows just a little of the ability that you could have at your finger tips. Please contact me today so that you too can effectively manage the content on your website


Bad Economy. Good for Business? The Need for SEO

Effective web design should include search engine optimization (SEO). Online spending is expected to increase by 17% in 2008 according to an article that I read at .

“The U.S. economy may be headed into a recession, but e-commerce sales are estimated to grow 17% to $204 billion this year. The Forrester Research report sees a continued increase in e-commerce spending as value-shoppers go bargain hunting and affluent shoppers are seeking the comfort and convenience of shopping from home”.


Web Redesign Priorities

Jakob Nielson is an authority on website usability. Here is a great article that outlines 10 web design tactics that will help increase your website traffic.


Is My Password Secure?

Of course Internet security is always a concern, here is a great article about password security! Everyone needs to read this article as it outlines how simple it would be to gain access to all of your critical information; email accounts, banking information, and much more.

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